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Accounting and Tax Testimonials

Accounting & Tax Testimonials

“I’ve been working with Lim for over two years now and it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I was managing a growing business and having to wear many hats. To have Lim take an enormous burden off in the area of bookkeeping, taxes, and tax planning was huge for me! Just the peace of mind of knowing things are being done correctly has been a real blessing for me personally and the business.

I have found that there’s great attention to detail in his work. His tax planning strategies for my business have saved me a lot of money, so really it has been money coming into my pocket, not going out as a result of working with Lim!

The last thing I’ll mention, is that he has always been very helpful in terms of putting me in touch with the right people for related services such as legal assistance, and retirement planning. His recommendations in those areas have come through in a big way for me. He seems to have a close relationship with these individuals which has been really good in that his services and their services are certainly related.”

Jonathan Adams (Owner)


“Lim was referred to me by my financial advisor for a second income tax opinion. In our first meeting, I could tell Lim was passionate about helping clients legally reduce their income tax burden and help them take steps to increase their wealth faster. I have recommended my colleagues and relatives to Lim and they are very happy with his services. I have not only gained a great accountant but also a friend in Lim. Thank you Lim.”

Dr. Hamilton Jevaraj (Director)
Medical Doctor

Oshawa Health Centre

“I was introduced to Lim shortly after I started my medical practice. Lim is down to earth and takes his time to explain how I can legally minimize my income taxes and take steps to start building wealth.

Both my wife and I feel very comfortable with Lim. From our personal experience, we are more than happy to have him as our accountant and as a friend and would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Dr. Prrasonna Selvarajah
Medical Doctor

Oshawa Health Centre

“All the clients that I have referred to Lim have been extremely pleased with his tax expertise and services. He returns calls on the same business day, is a pleasure to deal with and through my dealings and client’s dealings it is very apparent that he cares.

About seven years ago, I referred my first client to Lim. The client was a professional earning a six figure income. The client’s spouse was also earning a six figure income. However, they were unable to start building wealth because of their life style and heavy income tax burden. Working with Lim, I provided the investment strategies and Lim provided the income tax strategies. Today, the client’s net worth has increased by seven figures.

Over the years, I have referred and will continue to refer my clients to Lim. He focuses on helping high earning professionals reduce / defer income taxes. I find his tax expertise in this niche far superior to other accountants I have talked to. Also, he is different because he goes further than just tax planning. He also provides advice on tax efficient investing. By combining the two, my clients can really accelerate their wealth building.

Many financial advisors are familiar with personal taxes but lack expertise in owner managed corporate taxes. Working with Lim has expanded my corporate tax knowledge and helped me add high profile clients who are incorporated to my practice. I’ve been able to add value to my clients by integrating my clients personal and corporate investments tax efficiently without increasing risk.

My wife and I are Lim’s accounting and tax clients. We appreciate that he minimizes our income taxes. We can tell he is passionate about legally reducing income taxes to maximize wealth. The difference that Lim has made in both my life and clients’ lives is substantial.”

John Higgs (President)
Financial Advisor

John Higgs Wealth Management Inc.

“My professional experience with Lim has been absolutely positive. The clients I referred to Lim are confident of his tax advice and happy with his services.

About four years ago, I was reviewing a professional client’s financial situation. The client was using an accounting firm that was preparing the client’s tax return but was not proactive on tax planning. I suggested the client get a second opinion from Lim. He was able to legally reduce/defer about $90,000 each year in taxes for the client. Each year, the client has invested the $90,000. Based on a 3% compounded return over 20 years, the client’s net worth will increase by $2,418,333, without having to do anything except legally taking advantage of the income tax laws. I was thrilled for the client.

Income tax is by far the biggest expense for most Canadians. I can tell Lim is passionate about helping professionals manage their taxes so they can keep more money for themselves.

Both my husband and I are Lim’s tax clients. Like my clients, we are happy that Lim is minimizing our income taxes. Lim is my “go to” accountant for income tax planning.”

Susan Lepp
Financial Advisor

Edward Jones

“Lim was introduced to us by our financial planner. In our case, Lim and our financial planner work as a team. Our financial planner provides us with investment advice and Lim provides us with tax advice. Our net worth has increased dramatically since retaining Lim as our tax accountant for both business and personal taxes. Lim’s expert tax strategies allowed us to reduce/defer income taxes in the tens of thousands of dollars each year.

We use Lim’s firm for our bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance requirements. The work is always done on time and professionally.

Lim is very personable and easy to talk to. He always returns our calls or emails within the same business day. It is a pleasure to do business with Lim and his firm.”

Francis Mariani (President)
IT Consulting

Francis Mariani Inc.

“Income tax was our biggest expense. We are very pleased that Lim helped us minimize our taxes so we can maximize our wealth.

We came to Lim for a second tax opinion because we suspected our old accountant either didn’t seem to know the answers or even respond to our questions. Lim showed us that there was more to income tax than just preparing the corporate financial statements and tax returns. Lim advised us we could legally reduce/defer income taxes by doing things differently.

Lim worked with our lawyer to reorganize our corporation, creating a lifelong plan to protect our business and much more. Under the present setup, our income taxes have been reduced/deferred significantly and have increased protection for our corporate assets.

By minimizing our income taxes, we have seen our net worth increase and can see that Lim’s tax planning and tax efficient investing strategies will really help to accelerate our wealth building in the future.”

Heather and Robert Park
Boiler & Burner Specialist

Dedicated Mechanical Services Inc.

“After becoming frustrated with paying a considerable amount of income tax, we decided to look for a second opinion. We found Lim using Google. After reviewing our tax situation, Lim advised us that we could legally reduce/defer a substantial amount of taxes per year with the right tax strategies in place.

Lim took the time to analyze our income, lifestyle and financial goals. He explained that by being shareholders in a profitable owner managed corporation, we could decide how, when and how much to pay ourselves personally. During our first year of working with him, we have saved a tremendous amount and were pleasantly surprised.

We would highly recommend his services.”

Denis & Kim Gervais
Management Consulting Services

“Our accounting, income tax, HST, payroll and dividend compliance with the CRA have always been filed on time by Lim’s firm. He is friendly, down to earth and always returns our calls on the same business day.

We have referred family members and friends to Lim and will continue to do so in the future.

We have complete trust in Lim and wouldn’t want any other firm handling our accounting and taxes.”

Kaarina Van Dyk & Kirsti Thomas
Design and Space Planning

Doubletake Design Inc.

“My financial advisor referred me to Lim and I have been extremely satisfied with the choice I made of choosing to work with him. What really impresses me, above his skills and knowledge is his responsiveness and how down to earth he is. I can always count on his guidance and quick turnaround. I have the confidence that he truly understands my challenges and I feel I have great accounting/tax planning support in my back pocket with him. I can focus my attention on growing my business, taking care of my clients and being a strong leader. Undoubtedly I have and will continue to refer Lim to people in my network. Thank you kindly!

Lim and his firm is a pleasure to work with!”

Mireille M. Landry (MBA)
President & Managing Director

Solution ML Limited