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Bookkeeping Testimonials

Bookkeeping Testimonials

“My bank’s business account manager at the Royal Bank referred to me to Lim when I started my Tutor Doctor franchise.

We rely on Lim’s firm to handle our monthly bookkeeping.   The firm has a bookkeeping system that does not require us to drop off and pick up our financial records.  Also, we do not have to waste time scanning financial documents.  These are real time savers that allows us to have extra time to grow our business.  We send our information electronically to Lim’s firm.  Once the bookkeeping is completed, we receive electronic copies back for our records.

We appreciate that the bookkeeping is always completed on time.  Lim’s staff of bookkeepers are always down to earth and friendly.  If we do not reach someone directly, our enquiries are always answered in the same business day.  We also rely on Lim’s expert income tax advice.  We have recommended friends and would not hesitate to continue recommending Lim’s firm for bookkeeping and income tax services.

It’s rare that a bookkeeping service is managed by someone who is both a Chartered Professional Account and has a Master of Business Administration.  This level of professionalism is beyond what normal bookkeepers can provide.”

Jeff Fry
Tutor Doctor Franchisee

Pickering, Ontario

“We were using an accounting firm to prepare our chiropractic practice’s bookkeeping and taxes for many years.  However, I was not confident that an important account was reconciled properly.  After meeting with the firm’s accountant and bookkeeper on multiple occasions, they were not able to convince me that the account in question was reconciled properly.

Switching to a new bookkeeping service after many years was not easy.  After all, the old firm had all my financial records.  I met with Lim on more than one occasion to see if his firm was the right fit.  Lim explained the benefits of his firm’s bookkeeping system and tax services.  Lim was very down to earth and likeable.

Once I made the switch, I was very pleased.  I am now 100% confident the important account is reconciled perfectly.  Lim’s bookkeeping system made the account reconciliation simple and easy to follow.

We have been using Lim’s firm for bookkeeping services for about two years.  I found Lim’s bookkeeping system professional, simple and accurate.  The reports are easy to read.

I use to waste time driving to the old firm’s office to drop off the financial information.”

Dr. Raymond Lee, DC
Rouge River Chiropractic

Pickering, Ontario

“We have used Lim’s monthly bookkeeping and reconciliation services since 2007.  We love Lim’s bookkeeping system using QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy function.  We do not have to drop off our financial information and pick them back up again.  This saves us two time consuming trips a month to our accountant’s office.  Also, we do not have to spend time scanning documents.  We have more time to grow our business.

We spend only a few minutes each month to send Lim’s firm our financial information.  Once the information is sent, the bookkeeping is normally completed within a couple of days.

We also use Lim’s firm for our income tax and HST filings.  Everything is always filed on time!  We are very happy with Lim’s services.  Lim is down to earth and friendly.  We have recommended Lim’s firm to our family members and friends and will continue to do so.”

Lynn & Sean Mulroy
The Maids Franchisee

Toronto & Durham Region

“Lim’s firm provides bookkeeping services for my realtor business. As a high volume agent, I needed a system to keep track of all my expenses to maximize tax deductions and HST input tax credits. Jan looks after my bookkeeping. Each month Jan sends me my financial reports. They are professional, accurate and easy to understand.

The best part is I get top notch professional bookkeeping and I do not have to see Lim or Jan monthly. My assistant takes a few minutes each month to forward all the information electronically to Jan. In a day or two, Jan completes the bookkeeping and sends the required reports to me.

Lim’s bookkeeping system is beautiful. No one has to come to my office. I do not have to waste time to drop off information to Lim’s office and waste time again to pick up the information. I use the time savings to increase my sales.”

Shawn Lepp (Realtor)
The Shawn Lepp Team

Keller Williams Energy Real Estate