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About Our Bookkeeping Services

Pickering bookkeepers working for Lim Lum, CPA, CGA, MBA provide Canadian owner managed corporations with the highest quality professional bookkeeping services that regular bookkeepers would not be able to provide, by leveraging his knowledge and experience.

Lim Lum, CPA, CGA, MBA is an expert on income taxes, accounting, bookkeeping and owner managed corporations. Whether your revenues are $100 thousand or $10 million plus, we may be able to dramatically improve your bookkeeping and reduce your bookkeeping costs.

We see business owners frustrated with using bookkeepers that have a limited understanding of income taxes, accounting and bookkeeping. These same business owners do not get a good night sleep wondering if the bookkeeping will stand up to a Canada Revenue Agency audit and whether their income taxes are minimized. We have the expertise to provide you with the highest quality professional bookkeeping. We can also minimize your income taxes.

We have excellent written and verbal English communications skills.



Do you waste time dropping off and picking up your financial records at your bookkeeper’s office?
You will not need to drop off or pick up your financial records for us to do your bookkeeping.

Save Time

Do you waste time scanning your financial records and then emailing them to your offshore bookkeeper?
Using our effective and efficient bookkeeping system, you will not need to scan your financial records for us to do your bookkeeping. You can use the extra time to grow your business.

Customized Reports

We can provide you with high quality professional customized monthly, quarterly or annual reports that you can use to see how your business is performing.

High Quality

We provide the highest quality professional bookkeeping for owner managed corporations anywhere in Canada.
You do not need to meet with us.

Our Bookkeeping Services

  • High quality bookkeeping from small to medium size businesses
  • Professional bookkeeping system setup with professional reports
  • HST consultation and preparation
  • Payroll setup and preparation
  • WSIB preparation
  • T4s preparation
  • Professional bookkeeper, Chartered Professional Accountant Canadian MBA at your disposal
  • Weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly or annual arrangements

Professional Bookkeeping Advantages

  • With Lim Lum you are dealing with a Chartered Professional Accountant with an MBA
  • Free initial consultation about your bookkeeping requirements
  • Income tax minimizing strategies
  • Someone who understands financial statements and year-end cost minimization by having great bookkeeping
  • Gives you full time access to professional bookkeeper and income tax expert

Cost Advantage 

  • No vacation pay, sick pay, CPP, EI, WSIP and maternity leave required for our bookkeeping service
  • No office rent, office furniture, computer hardware and software are required for our bookkeeping services
  • With our unique effective and efficient bookkeeping system you do not have to waste time visiting our office or scanning documents to provide us with your financial records

Why Outsource your Bookkeeping?

  • You can have more time to concentrate on promoting and growing your business
  • Reduce labour and rent costs
  • Never worry about your bookkeeper booking sick
  • Never have to paying your bookkeeper statutory holiday pay, vacation pay
  • Never worry about your bookkeeper’s CPP, EI and WSIB remittances
  • Your business will be more effective and efficient